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Rubber hose debut the 17th China International Coal Exhibition

发布时间 : 2018-01--24 点击量 : 24
From October 25 to 28, 2017, the 17th China International Coal Mining Technology Exchange and Equipment Exhibition under the theme of "Green, Transformation and Upgrade" with the slogan of "Creating and Leading the Future in China" was held in Beijing. Henan Machinery and Equipment Group's Zhengzhou Coal Mining Group with the greatest resistance to work around the world, mining the highest hydraulic support and other equipment reloading debut exhibition.     During the exhibition, the leaders of domestic major coal enterprises and their foreign cooperative enterprises from Germany, Russia, the United States and Vietnam visited the booths of the Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group for a visit. The party secretary and chairman of the board of Henan Machinery Equipment Investment Group, Jiao Chengyao, The leaders of the Group received warm welcome from Jiayu, Fu Zugang, Guo Haofeng, Gao Youjin and Fu Qi and introduced the products such as intelligent CCC, 3DVR experience and 8.8m ultra-high-end hydraulic support.     Zhengzhou Coal Group hydraulic support hose Qingdao Qingdao Rubber hose products used in the future, looking forward to the future, rubber hose company will continue to increase innovation and input, and continue for the coal and coal machinery industry in the country to provide safe, high-quality products and specialization Service, make due contributions to the development of coal machine in China!
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